#ThursThreads, week 336

“Nothing left in this one,” he said, crimson dripping from his lips. “Not anymore.”

I grinned. “Who’s next?”

“That’s the last of ’em.”

“The others are all empty?” I couldn’t keep the whine out of my voice. “But I’m so hungry.”

He put a hand on my shoulder, patting it paternalistically. “I remember my first night. Woke up after turning and devoured half a busload. Burped for, like, a full minute afterward. Never realized how much air you took in while sucking. Took me a while to refine my technique.

“Let’s go see if we can find you someone else to eat.”

“Yes, Master.” I didn’t know what to call him.

“I love when the new kids call me Master. Now, should we head towards fraternity row? Easy pickings there, but even we can get drunk off that blood. The hospital’s always too chaotic on Saturday nights. No basketball game, so the arena district will be dead.” He chuckled. “The wrong kind of dead.”

I just waited. All I wanted was some blood. I wasn’t picky. But he was in charge.

He pulled out his phone and started scrolling. “No. No. Maybe…no. No. Yes! That’s it. There’s a showing of Nosferatu at the Art tonight. Wanna go teach those posers a lesson or two?”

A dark room, dozens of warm bodies, and more than a little bloodlust? I nodded, hoping I wasn’t drooling.

It was going to take a while to get used to the fangs.


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