Menage Monday, week 2×05


I hadn’t been dead long, and blood oozed from the scrapes and cuts I received as he dragged my naked body across the forest floor. He was planning on putting me in a hole that he hoped would keep me hidden long enough that I wouldn’t be found until long after he was dead himself, but staying hidden was really not an option, not anymore. I’d been in hiding long enough, long enough for him to find me, long enough for him to do what he wanted to me, long enough for him to finish draining a life from me after he’d had his fun. He didn’t know that I wasn’t, as a matter of fact, human, or that my kind could choose to come back after death if we felt that we hadn’t finished fulfilling our purpose in life. He didn’t know that I had access to powers that his human mind couldn’t even conceive of. It had hurt, what he had done to me, but until I felt that pain, I wasn’t sure what my purpose was, why I’d been given the gift of magic. I’d lived my life in hiding, ashamed of who I was. That life was no more, taken from me in a ramshackle cabin. My new life would be one of reparation and revenge. It would start with my attacker, but it would course throughout the world. Between one second and the next, I took the first breath of my new life and began.


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