Menage Monday, week 2×06


“It’s an illusion.”

It took me a moment to reply. Her cheeks were flush with exertion and the chill in the air, and I wanted nothing more than to lay her down on the carpet of leaves and kiss her until we were too warm for our clothes. “What is?”

“Summer. Well, not an illusion, technically. More of a disguise. The leaves don’t want to be green. They want to be gold and red and orange, but the chlorophyll covers that up. It’s only now that they show us who they truly are.”

Before I could respond, we were both shoved aside by a whirling dervish of leaves and six year old Valkyrie, belting out a song she’d sung a thousand times and scaring away any wildlife within earshot. She spun and smiled at us and then dashed off into the leaves, singing the whole time.

I smiled back. “Stay where you can see us, honey!” She just laughed and ran along the edge of the path.

“You think Disney will ever have a metal princess?”

“We’d have to buy every toy they made.” I did kiss her then, a short but serious smack that I hoped portended of more when we got back hope and put our warrior queen to bed. “Maybe two – one for her and one for you.”

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