An overlate bit for #ThursThreads

This is too late for ThursThreads, but I finally had an idea, and I needed to get it out. This isn’t good, but it’s words, and words are good.

They always travel in packs, do the bad thoughts, lying in wait behind the illusions of joy. They come one after another after another, not content to let you dwell on this failure or that, but expect you to delve into all of the ways you imagine you let yourself down, you let the world down. They travel in packs to give each other strength so that when you fight off one veil of darkness another is behind it waiting to bind you and keep you from escaping. Did you know that pain calls to pain, self-hatred to self-hatred? Those who live in the light, who see the world not for what it does to destroy but for what it is can escape the pain, but for those who know the truth of the blackness, are surrounded. When you find an island of safety, when you cry out for succor, you are shielded from hope. Pain calls to pain.


They always travel in packs, do the bad thoughts. That is why the fight only ends with death.


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