Menage Monday, week 2×07


It’s almost over. The sun hangs like an infected boil in the sky, swollen and red. It would go nova one of these years – maybe tomorrow, maybe a century from now.

Humanity had evacuated many millennia ago. We were the ones who stayed behind, the Keepers of Gaia, living our lives in protective suits and tending the rock garden that we made to honor the one who’d given us life. I was the only one left. If the sun outlived me, we’d have done the best we could, paying homage to a dead world.

I walked through the garden every day, lifting a rock here, shaping the dirt there, letting the Earth itself tell me what shapes to build. The planet spoke to me, as it did to all the Keepers. I heard its voice in my dreams, telling me of ages past, of dinosaurs and mountains, bacteria and hurricanes.

Lost in sleep, I was dreaming of oceans covering more of the Earth’s surface than I’d ever imagined when the call came.

*Wake up*

I rose instantly. That call was not to be denied.

*The sun is stirring. The end is near.*

“But…the end?” After all this time, after a lifetime of training, I was not prepared. “But you will die.”

*Then let me die. I have had my time. And I will not be alone, will I?*

By now I was in the rock garden, looking up at a dark sky that would soon boil away. “No, you won’t.”


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