#TeamRPG, Elena part 2

Elena had thought that walking for hours would burn the hate out of her, at least some, but the opposite happened. It seemed that burning the energy catalyzed her hatred, and as two hours became three, she stopped seeing that the plants around her weren’t anything like the plants on the world she came from. She didn’t catch that there were strange animals darting amongst the trees, trying to stay away from her. She just saw the myriad ways life was unfair and how horribly screwed up her life was. She saw the people trying to take advantage of her. The ways in which people who could have protected her had let her down. The ways in which she had let herself down. Lost in that world of hate, Elena had no idea she was being followed, and she was taken completely by surprise when a voice called out to her.

“Halt, or you will get an arrow through your back!” Elena whirled around, too angry to think whether it was a risky move. A small part of her brain wondered by someone was threatening her with an arrow instead of a gun, but before she could speak, she was rendered wordless at the sight of the man standing in front of her.

At least, she thought it was a man. He was dressed all in green and brown, a knife strapped to his belt the seemingly perfect accompaniment to the bow and arrow he held tight in his hands. He stood perfectly still, his eyes locked on her, daring her to move. And he had light green-tinted hair and pointed ears. When he spoke again, he did so with the unmistakable air of someone who wanted very badly to be obeyed.

“Who are you, human, and what are you doing wandering freely through the Prince’s lands?”

“I…uh…the Prince?” His words were perfectly clear to Elena, but the reality of the situation was undermining her ability to process thought.

“Yes, the Prince. You had to know these were his lands – the entire eastern half of the island is his. And the only humans allowed to walk free are those carrying his marker. Do you have one of those?” When Elena didn’t reply immediately, he continued. “I thought not. You are escaped from one of the landowners around here. Your master will be much displeased with you. Stay where you are. I will bind your hands and take you to the castle. There, we’ll find out where you belong and get you returned to your owner.”

That finally broke Elena’s stasis, and the anger she’d been cultivating during her journey burst forth. “I have no owner! I’m Elena Morales from New York, and I’m going back home! You can put your damned toy away and play hunter somewhere else, because I am not going anywhere with you!” Something in her eyes or voice or manner spooked the man in front of her, because the point of his arrow dipped slightly and his eyes grew wide. Unfortunately for Elena, there was a second person she knew nothing about behind her, at least not until she felt the point of something sharp against the side of her neck.

“I’d do as he says, Elena Morales from New York, or we’ll just kill you right now. No human is worth much trouble, and you’ve just about exhausted what I’m willing to put up with. Now, put your hands down in front of you and let my brother bind you. I will be tying a rope around your waist to make sure that you don’t run, and for good measure, I’m going to gag that disrespectful mouth of yours.”


One Response to “#TeamRPG, Elena part 2”

  1. Ooo! Now it’s a thing! Very excited to see where this goes.

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