Menage Monday, All Hallows Eve Edition (3×05)


The wind howled and the wolves howled, and I didn’t know which one I was more scared of. The wolves probably wouldn’t attack me, but if they did, I had no strength left with which to fight them off. But the wind…

The guy who’d driven me to this spot, here in the desert, here at this wannabe bus stop, here in the dark, had an evil laugh. It sent shivers up my spine when he asked me where I was going. It caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up when he put his hand on my leg and he asked me what price I was willing to pay for the ride. And it ended in a rasping gurgle as I tore his throat out while I rode him to a screaming orgasm.

But that was a long time ago. Days? Weeks? No more than a month, I thought. A long time between meals.

And orgasms.

I should have killed him somewhere with other people. Maybe in a hotel with clean white sheets that would have shone with his blood. But his laugh…I had to stop his laugh. And I was hungry.

Wish his car hadn’t been such a piece of shit, though. I couldn’t get it started again, and now it sat off at the edge of the parking lot, a monument to a life poorly lived.

I knew by now that if anyone who happened by this waystation to nowhere got close enough to me to think about picking me up, they’d likely catch a whiff of the rot that had started deep within my bowels and drive off in terror. I would need the right situation just to get away.

The howls started up again, and this time I knew it was the wind…and more. I’d begun hoping it was a lone wolf, maybe a weak one that I could overpower and give me at least some chance at, well, something. Coming out of the northwest, however, wasn’t a wolf.

I had hoped that I’d put Her behind me, although part of me knew that had always been a dream. How could I escape Her, when She knew every inch of me better than I knew myself, when She’d held my heart in one hand and my mind in the other and called upon the Dark Lord for power? The things She’d taught me in a thousand and one nights of pleasure and pain had only been the merest fraction of what She knew, and yet I thought I could get away.

Well, I was still mortal, after a fashion. What chance did I have of truly understanding Her?

The lights at this station illuminated an area maybe forty feet across, but I thought I saw glimmers of something out beyond their reach. I didn’t stand to meet Her – She wouldn’t have cared and I didn’t have the strength. But I did call Her name.

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