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MWBB – week 27

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The moon was fat and red, hanging low in the eastern sky, and the bark of the bare birch trees looked diseased and bloody. Allie shuddered, the cold seeping in through her thin jacket as she struggled to wake up after a day of restless sleep. Her boots crunched over the icy snow, just a layer over the dirt this far south as she made her way over to Billy’s Gator Hole, and her steps fell into rhythm with the thumping bassline making its way through the night. She’d spent every night this week at Billy’s, draining his stock of Shiner’s and fending off his advances – well, most nights. Their coupling on the rough wooden floor two nights ago had been sloppy and nauseating, and did nothing to scratch the itch that had been growing deep within her. She’d had to pretend to be fighting off cramps all night to keep him at bay last night, and she was sure tonight he’d be even more pushy. But there was nowhere else within walking distance to get drunk in this shitty little fuckhole of a town, and if she had to face the day without medication, she’d just explode.

Billy’s was packed tonight, and she knew that more than half the eyes in the room were glued to her ass as she walked up to the bar. In the old days, she’d have taken care of these rednecks without a second thought, but she wasn’t interested in the little lives of little men, not when she knew there were bigger prizes out there. But they’d gotten a little too close to her in Phoenix, and she couldn’t stop bullets – not yet. Billy was busy with some loudmouth in the corner, and Missy, his assistant/part-time entertainment handed her a bottle without a word. God, how Missy survived around these assholes without braining them was a mystery Allie was not smart enough to solve.

She leaned against the bar and tilted back the bottle, downing half of it in one swallow. The music changed to some raunchy blues song, and she let the music carry her away as she felt the first tingle from the beer. It wasn’t as good as a spark, but it was something, a bit of methadone for her habit. Missy popped the cap off another Shiner’s and set it on the bar behind her, and Allie allowed herself a little smile as she drained the last of the one in her hand. One of life’s great simple pleasures – a bartender who knew what you wanted and shut the fuck up.

By her third beer, Allie was beginning to relax a bit, shrugging her denim jacket from her shoulders as she grew warm both from the outside and the inside. Billy flashed her his most charming-ish smile from the other side of the room, and she began to rethink whether she’d end up with before sunup. She was trying to decide which smile to give him when the door flew open. At first, she thought it was the wind, slamming it back against the outside of the Gator Hole, but that’s when she saw him.

In a dim room, a candle can hurt your eyes, and this guy was no candle. He was two steps short of a fuckin’ nova, and everyone turned to stare, though only one person in the room knew what she was looking at. Hell, this guy didn’t even know what he was, but he knew he was something as he headed straight for Billy and shot him between the eyes, without so much as a “Hello” or “Motherfucker.”

As Billy’s body thumped to the floor, the only sounds in the room were the wailing of a damned awesome guitar, and the man turned to face the crowd, his face split in a grin that made it clear he didn’t care if they ran or not – he had all night. Allie turned away from him and picked up the next bottle that Missy had set behind her. The screams started, and so did the gunshots, but she ignored all of it. She was rusty, but oh so hungry, and the time for fasting was through.


#MWBB 20

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Nighttime wasn’t much cooler than the afternoon, not on a summer day like this. The only advantage was that the sun went away, but that somehow made the air thicker, and of course, the mosquitoes swarmed endlessly. Allie swatted another one out of the air on her bare thigh, feeling the bug squish through the sweat on her skin, imagining the tiny spark it made as she crushed out its life.

She was tingly that night, an itching that came deep from within. The origin of the itch wasn’t hard to discern, it came from right next to her, on the dock where she’d learned so much about life and death. Lucas’ leg wasn’t touching hers, but she could feel the heat it radiated, and she didn’t pull away, as oppressive as the day was. She wanted nothing more than to be closer to him, but she couldn’t. Allie knew that he was attracted to her – the glances, the laughs, and the flirting had been going on since they’d discovered hormones – but he’d never act. Not with Kylie lying there on his other side, Kylie who didn’t have to keep her leg an inch apart away from Lucas or risk going mad. Kylie who’d told her story after story of their nights, sneaking away to the far side of the lake, or the way he looked when…

“I’m going for a swim. Who’s with me?” Allie slipped a hand in her pocket and took out the thing she carried with her all the time, now that she knew what she was and what she wanted to be. She climbed to her feet, and didn’t look back as she stripped off what little she’d worn to the dock and dove into the water. Kylie would want to tell her off for being so brazen around her boyfriend, but she wouldn’t get that chance. The water was nearly as warm as the air, but it swirled around her and pulled away the frustration as if she was surrounded by healing sprites.

When she was far enough away from the dock that Lucas and Kylie were nothing but outlines against the night, she called to them and waved for them to join her. She almost gasped when they did, wanting nothing more than to feel that part of Lucas she so briefly glimpsed in the moonlight and make him feel the way she did.

But tonight wasn’t the night for that.

Kylie reached her first, giggling in mock disapproval. “Your dad is going to kill us if he catches us. And if he doesn’t, I’m going to kill you for flashing my man.”

Allie’s face was beatific in the wavering reflections of the moonlight, and she smiled at her friend. “Kylie – how long have we been friends?”

“I dunno? Since forever, I think? Why?”

“I wanted you to understand why I did this.” Allie threw her arms around her friend and kissed her soundly. The warmth of her friend’s body shocked her, but that wasn’t what she was interested in, not with Lucas coming up behind. It was just good form to kiss a loved one goodbye, as her grammie had taught her.

Kylie was startled by the kiss, but even more so by the sudden pain as Allie’s switchblade caught her in the stomach and sliced across. She tried to squirm away, but that only made the pain worse. Allie shoved the knife in deeper, harder, puncturing a lung, and she tasted blood through their kiss as Kylie coughed out her last breath.

The spark jumped from Kylie’s eyes into Allie’s, and she was flung backwards, releasing her friend’s corpse as she swam away. The night was no longer warm, but hot, and she was surprised the lake wasn’t boiling around her.

Her head bumped into something as she swam, and she looked up into the dark, shadowed eyes of her former best friend’s boyfriend. He could see her clearly exposed now, and smiled down at her, the hunger in his eyes obvious. Still riding the high from her first kill, Allie flipped over and let him take her in his arms.

Mid-week Blues Buster, Week 15

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The night edged closer to pitch black as the clouds thickened in front of the moon. Cresting the last hill, Allie could see them now, the tiny pinpricks of light through the trees. It was a small campsite, but large enough to house the Girl Scout troop from the farming town upriver. They’d never done anything like this, but it was time, and she could hardly keep from trembling. At her side, though, Ryan clearly didn’t share her excitement.

“C’mon, baby. We don’t need to do this.”

“I’m not your baby. And you don’t have to come – I told you, but I’m not killing another goddamned cat.” She was afraid to speak above a whisper, not wanting to spook the girls spending their last night on the lake shore ahead. Ryan had been whining about this ever since she’d had the idea. He just didn’t have what it took to truly embrace their gift, and it was becoming a real pain in the ass.

“You don’t have to kill cats. I know that’s not who you are. Just not this. There’s enough people out there that we can find – ex-cons, wife-beaters – but not kids. Please.” He hissed the last word, and Allie could feel her control over the night beginning to slip. If the girls woke up, they’d run, and she’d have a devil of a time tracking them all down before morning.

And this was definitely not a night to leave witnesses.

Allie signaled Ryan to a halt, and they squatted down behind a large tree. “I don’t know what happened to you in Tupelo, but it’s time to cut it the fuck out. We’re special. They’re not. There’s no more to the story. If you think because I let you sleep with me I’m going to let you stop me, you’re even more delusional than I thought you were.”

She took his hand in hers, and stared deep into his eyes, hoping to find an answer that wasn’t there. He couldn’t take it for long, and looked away, his weakness clear. Allie sighed. “You’re not who I thought you were. So go. Maybe someday you’ll understand what you really are. But if you try to stop me, I’ll slit their pretty little throats with the shards of your bones.”

Ryan slumped to the ground and nodded. They were through now, but he wouldn’t interfere. The same thing that prevented him from being her true equal would keep him quiet. Allie gathered herself, and refocused her awareness on the campsite. The girls were all that mattered now. Their beautiful sparks were weak and tenuous, but in that moment, she had never desired anything more. She’d guide each of them into the next world before dawn and wondered what it would be like to hold all of them within her at once.


Mid-week Blues Buster 14

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The dull grey paint on the handrail was flaking, and Allie grimaced. With so much power available, was it too much to ask for a shaman to live somewhere that got a little upkeep from time to time? She wiped her hand on her jeans and opened the door at the bottom of the stairs. The room was dim, lit only by whatever wan light that could make its way through the dirty windows.

He sat behind a large faux-wooden desk that had been reclaimed out of a bank or insurance agency, the front lined with dents and a bit of rust around the edges. She looked into his eyes and grinned darkly. Here was power – as pathetic as this basement was, the man’s spark positively radiated from within. Allie was reminded of seeing some second-rate Elvis impersonator in a diner outside of Vegas. He had been decorated from neck to ankle in rhinestones, and the fluorescent lights made him sparkle brightly enough that she was briefly blinded. This was like that, only real. Maybe Elvis wasn’t dead after all – his spark was somewhere, in someone. She wondered if she’d get to find out. She certainly planned on trying hard enough.

He pushed his chair back and stood, slowly. Allie realized that she’d been staring too long and had given away her advantage. He would have been cautious, but not wary, if she had just come in and done what she had come here to do, but now his defenses were up. The kill just got harder.

“I see you are no accidental wanderer into my office, young lady. Please, sit, and let us talk.” She’d expected him to speak with a thick accent from Shanghai or Bangkok or somewhere like that, but he sounded more like her grandpa than anyone else. The shaman indicated the folding chair in front of his desk, and she settled into it, its legs wobbly and uneven, just as he clearly hoped she’d be. He followed suit, and his eyes grew vague, as he looked both at her and through her. The effect was much more disconcerting than his rickety chair, and she wondered for the first time if she had taken on a challenge that was too big for her. Only one way to find out.

“No, I’m not here by accident. I learned of you from a young woman you knew in Tuscaloosa. She was trying to stop me from killing her, but you and I both know how futile that was.” If Allie was trying to get a rise out of him, she clearly failed.

“My daughter was strong, but foolish. She believed that there was good in all people, even after her life with me.” His eyes cleared, and he was fully in the room with her again. Allie felt his power more deeply now, and she ached to learn its secrets. “I cannot mourn her, nor do I seek revenge. There is only what has happened, not what should have happened. The question is whether or not you are as big a fool as she was.”

“I’ve been called worse.” This was the moment – any longer, and he’d be too strong for her. He wouldn’t kill her for revenge, that was true, but she didn’t think that dying for any reason interested her. He was expecting her to move now, and she did. Given the opportunity, Allie would have relished taking her time with this kill, but the power she would gain was going to be incredible either way.

Her knife throw would have killed most men, but he blocked it easily, dismissively. Bullets, on the other hand, were not so trivial, and as her right hand readied the knife, her left drew her pistol and fired, the bullets reaching him before the knife hit the floor. One in each eye, as she’d hoped, and while she didn’t see his life passing from them, she felt it, a great concussion of strength bursting out of his corpse like a nova. Allie drew it to her, as with all the others, but it was too much for her conscious mind to take.

It was a year before she woke up.


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Mid-week Blues Buster 13

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Allie pulled her hand back, the knife slick with blood. The sparks were so much more vivid when they died slowly, in pain. His bowels spilled out over his lap, and she poked at them with the serrated edge, listening to him howl. As always during these times, her mind bifurcated, and her anticipatory joy was overlaid with lectures from medical school. She’d loved dissecting bodies in class, of course, but nothing compared to seeing the organs pulsing and contracting, doing their jobs because they didn’t yet know that the person they belonged to was being brutally eviscerated.

When it came, she gasped in ecstasy. This was the biggest one yet – filled with rainbows invisible to human eyes, swirling in kaleidoscopic patterns around his empty corpse. It trailed along her fingers, and Allie felt it again, the sense of knowing, of understanding, of acceptance. Her parents had taken her to church every Sunday for years, and she’d heard lecture after lecture on the sanctity of life and God’s Love for His Creation, but they were wrong. This is why we were put here, she knew, for the weak to give their beauty to the strong.

Her bike was parked across town, and she watched the stars fade into dawn as she walked, letting the high of the spark carry her after a long night. She could see them long after the sun rose, bursts of X-Rays and radio waves which pierced her eyelids like angels. Allie couldn’t wait to get back to the road on days like this, pine trees to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the next kill somewhere up ahead.

She knew that something was wrong before she rounded the corner. Fuck. Ryan was sitting on her bike, toying with her helmet, and looking every inch the scruffy rebel that made all the ladies weak. Allie knew better, though. He was the weak one. He saw the sparks, too, knew what they meant and how to draw on their power, but wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t kill anymore, not after that night in Tupelo, and he’d been after her to follow his lead, like that was going to happen. There was a look on his face, though, that said something was different about this visit.

“I’m in trouble, Allie. And you’re the only one who can help.”

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#VisDare 18 – Inspect

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Ever since Nana June’s funeral, Allie was fascinated with death. Everything around her was alive, but everything around her would die. Mama had caught her sitting on top of baby Jacob, and after the trip to the hospital and the spanking with the switch, she knew not to do that again. Besides, they never left her alone with him anymore, even though he was totally fine.

Papa’s fishing pole was hard for her to carry, so Allie dragged it to the lake. She’d take another whipping for getting it all dirty, but she just had to know. The bugs she’d squished in the driveway were too small for her to tell when they crossed over, and no one would really get that worked up about a fish.

They were jumping that day, and she caught one easily, although getting it up on the pier was a lot of work. It flopped around, gasping for breath, and Allie lay as close as she dared, looking into its mouth, waiting for that moment. And then it happened – the fish that was alive was now dead. She saw the spark leave its body and sail away. Beautiful, tremulous, and ethereal, it captivated her, and she stared at the sky long after it had soared out of sight. She knew that every living thing had a spark like that, and she knew that she had to see as many of them as possible.