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Fall Flash Festival

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on September 7, 2013 by drmagoo

For centuries, millions of gallons of ink – virtual and literal – have been spilled discussing spring as a time of rebirth and renewal. But around these parts, autumn has always been the time of beginnings. The beginning of another school year. The refreshment that comes with the cool breezes signifying an end to the oppressive hear of summer. And, last but not least – it’s the time of my birthday – October 3 (and this time, I’m turning…40). What better kind of rebirth can you celebrate?

So I’m announcing the first (and perhaps only…time will tell) Fall Flash Festival!

The theme? Fall. Autumn. Anything that loosely falls under that umbrella counts – Halloween. Thanksgiving (either the US or Canadian version). Trees. Leaves. Frost. Pumpkins. Blustery Days. The magic of October skies. Even cold November Rain.

The task? Write an original work of fiction. Or non-fiction. Prose. Poetry. Whatever you’re inspired to create. 200 to 1000 words.

When? You’ll have two weeks to submit your work, starting at midnight (Central Daylight Time, five hours behind GMT) on September 19, and ending at midnight on October 3.

How? If you’ve got your own blog, click the inlinkz link below and link up. If not, post your work in the comments, along with a word count and some way of identifying you (twitter handle, etc). All entries must include a word count to be eligible.

Who? Everyone.

Who’s judging? Myself (@drmagoo on Twitter) and the writer extraordinaire of the short story Burn and the soon-to-be-released novel Orison, Daniel Swensen (@surlymuse).

What can you win? I have no idea…yet. Something. Maybe just adulation. Maybe universal power. Probably somewhere in between.

Questions? Ask away!