ThursThreads, week 328

“A Prayer for the Dying”

I am grateful for the sun.

I am grateful for the sea.

I am grateful for my wife and my children.

I am grateful for the winds that blow, the rain that falls, the storms that rage.

I am grateful for the day.

I am grateful for the night.

I am grateful for the dog and the cat, the hare and the fish, the scorpion and the snake.

I am grateful for the moon and the stars.

I am grateful for the call of the wild coyote, the honk of the flying goose, the snarl of the hunting tiger.

I am grateful for the fire. I am grateful for its warmth, the cooking of my food, the cleansing of my village.

I am grateful for the darkness that encloses me after the fire goes out. I am grateful that in the night no one can see me no one can hear me no one can laugh at me.

I am grateful for new beginnings. It’s going to be fine.


Thurs Threads, week 326

Major goddamned Trigger Warning.

189 ugly words

The Idiot’s Guide to Suicide


So you’ve decided it’s time. Goodbye cruel world, someone get me off this crazy thing, they’ll never miss me, I just need the pain to stop. Whatever your reasons are, they’re yours, and the day has come. This book will outline the steps you’ll need to take in order to carry out your secret plans.

*swipe swipe swipe*

Chapter Seven – Slitting Your Wrists

This tried-and-true method doesn’t have the success rate of a firearm, but it’s so romantic, isn’t it? You can scrawl your last message to the world in blood on the wall if you want. And it’s courteous to let whoever finds you be able to clean up so easily. If you choose this method, first be sure that you don’t have your phone with you – you wouldn’t want to give yourself a chance to call for help while you waited to slip away. Second, whether you choose to numb your wrists beforehand or soak them in hot water to make your skin nice and sliceable, remember the mantra, “Just let it flow.” You’ve got to cut deep and be thorough.